Robotic Sewer Cutters Lateral Reinstatements

Are you in the market for a new robotic cutter for lateral sewer reinstatements? Dancutter USA has robotic sewer cutter solutions for pipes as small as 2 inches and as large as 12 inches. We specialize in small diameter pipe robotics and have developed products that proved to be favorites for our customers. Below is our current lineup for 2019 starting with our flagship product the flexible Dancutter Super Flex, followed by the powerful Maxi Flex, and the finally the versatile Dancutter Mini Bike.

The Dancutter Super Flex – 3 in. to 6 in. Pipe

The Dancutter Super Flex is an extremely flexible and user-friendly cutter for use in pipes from 3 inches in diameter to 6 inches. In 3 inch pipe, the Super Flex is capable of navigating two offset 45° bends. In 4 inch pipe, the cutter is capable of making multiple 90° bends. In 5 and 6-inch pipe the Super Flex can maneuver multiple 90° bends and add a cutting extension for extra reach.
The Super Flex is available in 82 ft (25 m) and 164 ft (50 m) configurations. Most customers prefer the 50 m configuration; however, the 25 m option weighs less and is easier to transport for small jobs.

small diameter robotic sewer cutter for lateral reinstatements

The Dancutter Maxi Flex – 4 in. to 12 in. Pipe

The Dancutter Maxi Flex is the latest addition to our product lineup. The Maxi Flex will be available for purchase near the end of 2018 or early 2019. This new robotic cutter offers similar flexibility as the Super Flex in larger pipes, but with more power. The Maxi Flex will navigate multiple 45° bends in 6” pipe and larger and have a 230 ft (70 m) supply hose making it a great solution for stormwater lines and “larger” sewer lines on residential and commercial properties.

sewer cutter for lateral reinstatements 4 inch to 12 inch pipe

The Dancutter Mini Bike – 2 in. to 3 in. Pipe

The versatile DC Mini Bike can be customized to your individual needs by choosing a hose length from 1 to 10 meters. The simplicity of this cutter is ingenious for very small pipes. Controlled via handlebars and triggers, it’s as easy as riding a bike. This cutter is perfect for small vertical stacks as well as branch lines. Equipped with up to 32 feet (10 m) of supply hose this cutter provides more than enough reach for most applications.

sewer cutter for very small pipe 2 inch and 3 inch

Why choose Dancutter for your lateral reinstatement needs?

The Dancutter family is dedicated to your success as a small diameter pipe lining contractor. We listen to your needs to improve our products and provide better support than you can get anywhere else. Our factory authorized repair center is right in West Palm Beach, Florida in the United States to provide fast and cost-effective product maintenance, support and training to our customers in the Americas as well as the Caribbean. Dancutter A/S headquarters is located in Denmark for customers in Europe. We offer on-the-job assistance and training as well as rental cutters if your project requires it.

To learn more about our products and how we can serve you, please call our office today or fill out a request online and we will contact you shortly. Also please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.