Meet The Dancutter USA Team

Travis Shirley

Owner, Dancutter Expert, Product Development Manager


As a founder of Apex CIPP, Travis Shirley has a deep understanding of the need for high quality trenchless equipment and materials. Since day number one, he has managed the service center, specializing in Dancutter maintenance and repairs. In fact, Travis is likely the foremost Dancutter service expert in the United States.

The early days 

Although Travis didn’t necessarily set out to have a career in trenchless, his life experience prepared him for what was ahead. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and his early career years were spent in land surveying, which primed him for technical layouts and job planning.

It wasn’t long before Travis was recruited to work for a pipelining company, first as an installer and then as a robotics technician. During his years in lining, he was introduced to what would become his passion, robotic cutters. 

Travis Shirley of Apex CIPP and Dancutter USA was instrumental in restoring service to White Sox stadium by using trenchless pipe repair and the Dancutter SuperFLex robotic cutterThe cutter king

One of Travis’s favorite jobs included coming to the aid of a contractor who had problems with a project in Chicago. The contractor was using a cutter that wasn’t, well, cutting it. The stakes were high, since the location just happened to be the White Sox stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field.

The drainage system was failing and needed a major overhaul that threatened to delay opening day! Damaging the field and shuttering the facilities in order to perform a traditional line repair/replacement, would have been devastating. Travis was able to bring in a Dancutter SuperFlex and maneuver the flexible unit into the tight space that was restricting the other equipment. He and his team continued to work and make on-the-spot repairs until the stadium was operational again. We’re not saying that Travis saved Major League Baseball, but he (and the SuperFlex) sure saved the White Sox from tearing up their stadium. And yes, the contractor with the other cutter became a Dancutter user.

The Florida native immersed himself in robotic cutting/milling, working with and later repairing several brands and styles of cutters. He sought to learn everything he could about his favorite machines, even becoming one of the first Dancutter-certified operators and service technicians in the U.S. 

Moving forward in the trenchless world

As the need for trenchless pipe rehab expanded in the states, the demand for robotic cutters grew with it. Travis was already a Dancutter expert, servicing robots and training team members on proper use and maintenance. So, it was only natural that he joined a small group of pipe repair pros to launch Apex CIPP. The company is still independently owned and operated and includes Dancutter USA, the direct distributor of Dancutter products for North America.     

Since the company began, Travis has seen an explosion of growth in the trenchless industry. He has followed new technologies and tested hundreds of products for field use. He enjoys meeting with manufacturers and isn’t shy about offering technical input. As a matter of fact, one company has a unique part they call “The Shirley.” You guessed it, it’s named in honor of the inventor, Travis Shirley. While the part is a small adapter that lowers the profile of the wheel flange for a robotic arm, it serves a great purpose in expanding the usage of the robot which allows operators to get into smaller-diameter pipes for reinstatements. 

Travis still enjoys putting his design degree to work by creating intricate logos and working on branded materials for Apex CIPP. The orange-eyed Viking holding crossed robotic arms is one of his finest works and appears on much of Dancutter USA’s merchandise.

Aside from cutters, Travis is acutely familiar with trenchless lining equipment such as inspection cameras, drain cleaning machines, inversion tanks, and more. His advanced training has taken him to Denmark, Sweden, and throughout the United States. It’s common for Travis to service a camera or consult with a contractor in the field, offering step-by-step instructions for a repair in order to keep a project operational.

Travis Shirley talking to a crowd of visitors at The WWETT Show in Indianapolis, IN for trenchless pipe repair industry

Customer success is #1

Watching customers succeed motivates Travis to aim higher.

“Seeing a company go from doing good service to great service keeps me excited about the future of the industry.”

In the last five years, public awareness has fueled the demand for trenchless services. Apex CIPP has been instrumental in training contractors that want to offer cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repair and teams that want to expand their offerings with new technologies like point repair and UV LED curing.

“One of the systems I’m most impressed with is the Magnavity UV LED from Brawo. It solves a lot of the problems that face other UV systems.” Travis and the Apex team completed extensive training and testing of the light-curing method. They are longtime proponents of the flexible and transitional liners from Brawo (Brawoliner) and they were equally enthused by the Magnavity. The equipment is NRTL certified for use in the North American market, an achievement the German manufacturer is quite proud of. For Travis, the smaller overall unit size and intuitive adaptability of the curing heads are standout features. He also appreciates the engineering behind the components that work together to form a complete UV lining or spot repair solution.

Travis Shirley is the Product Development Manager and Dancutter Expert for Apex CIPP and overseed the Dancutter USA trenchless pipe repair robotics division

Looking ahead

These days, you can find our Dancutter expert in his new role of Product Development Manager at Apex CIPP. He still oversees the service department, but he’s now advising the company on products, system packages, and programs. He’s closely following developments in the trenchless pipe repair industry, especially the installation methods and equipment innovations.

With all of his tasks, Travis thinks first about what is right for the customer, since the Apex team is more interested in long-term relationships than quick sales.

“I want every customer to get the tools and materials that best fit their current and future needs. Most companies focus on selling; that’s not how we do it. We focus on customer success and we only sell what we believe in.” 

For more information on Apex CIPP or Dancutter USA, please visit or call 941-300-0441.