Dancutter Super Flex Toolbox, Gold (#050742)

**The Gold Upgrade is only available as an accessory option upgrade when purchasing a DC Super Flex** Can not be purchased separately **

Check out the Stand-Alone Gold Toolbox (#050744) here

Dancutter’s most robust Super Flex toolbox!

DC Super Flex – Gold Toolbox Upgrade includes everything in the the Silver Toolbox Upgrade (item 050741), plus 050717, 050726, DK2629-16 x3, DK3015-16 x8, DK3713-16, DK4623-16 x8, DKA1022, DD3015, DD4623, DD9008, DD9023, DD9010 x4, DK130006, F00094 x6, F00403 x16, F00509 x16, F70089 x2, F70090, F70091, F70092, F70561, 536-393-2, 966-100-0 x2, 50400 and bonus FPV goggles.