Dancutter Super Flex Toolbox, Silver Upgrade(#050741)

DC Super Flex – Standard Silver Toolbox Upgrade includes everything in the Standard Toolbox (item 050730) plus: DK3015-16 x8, DD4623, DK4623-16 x8, DD9008, DD9023, F70089, F70561, F85038

**The Silver Upgrade is only available as an accessory option upgrade when purchasing a DC Super Flex** Can not be purchased separately **

View Stand-Alone Silver Toolbox for DC Super Flex here

Additional Items Included:

DK3015-16  Cutting head 30 X 15 mm  8
DD4623  Diamond head 53 x 26 mm  1
DK4623-16  Diamond head 46 x 23 mm  8
DD9008  Cutting disc. Ø 50 x 10mm  1
DD9023  Bolt for DD9008  1
F70089  Wheel Holder Flange  1
F70561  Air motor G38  1
F85038  Wrench Air Motor, G38  1