Dancutter Super Flex Robotic Cutter 50 Meter – Total Package (#050750-PKG)

This is absolutely everything you need to start performing robotic reinstatements and superior milling. 

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Here’s what’s included:

Freight For This Package added at checkout ($2850) Includes factory heat-treated pallets and specialized packing for the SuperFlex equipment.

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DC Super Flex 50 Meter is Dancutter’s powerful answer for cutting, milling and grinding pipes and liners 3″-6″ in diameter, regardless of material and regardless of whether the pipe is straight or has bends.

DC SUPER FLEX 50 METER is a flexible, advanced cutter, developed and refined by Dancutter and focused on reliability, simplicity and saving time for our customers. The cutter can be operated by just one person who easily sets up the cutter in a few minutes, does the work, and quickly moves on to the next task.

Training is included!

The purchase of a DC Super Flex includes two-day training at your location or our Florida headquarters for up to four (4) people.

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DC SUPER FLEX takes a few minutes to set up: the wheeled stainless-steel frame – holding the supply hoses, control unit and cutter – is driven up to the work site. The cutter is already connected to the supply hose, and air and power are connected to the system. The cutter is inserted into the pipe up to its working position. The hose has a reach of 25 or 50 meters. *For cost-saving purposes, we recommend purchasing the 50 Meter Super Flex (this product). 


Dancutter SUPER FLEX is easy to operate using the two joysticks on the frame-mounted control unit. A 12.1” color display is built into the control unit’s lid, providing a sharp, precise image of the cutter’s position. The milling motor’s rotation and functions – such as raising, lowering and running back and forth – are operated from the control unit.

An automatic feeder and slip ring are built into the frame so the supply hose can be smoothly moved back and forth during the work.

The cutter is also equipped with a built-in slip ring which enables the cutter to work freely in a continuous 360-degree rotation. The spray nozzle for cleaning the camera is also operated from the control unit. The control unit also features a video inlet and outlet and VR goggles (optional accessory) can be connected.

DANCUTTER or one of our distributors will train you how to correctly operate and maintain DC SUPER FLEX so you can maximize your benefits of using the cutter from day one. Training for up to four people at our Florida location is included. Training at your location may be added for a nominal fee.


Cutter maintenance is minimal, as it is made of a high-quality stainless-steel alloy.

An oil lubricator and water separator are mounted on DC SUPER FLEX. We advise having a refrigerated dryer mounted on the compressor at all times, to minimize the water content, so it never exceeds 20 g/m3. The cutter operates at maximum efficiency in clean, dry air, and this prolongs the cutter’s service life at the same time.


A centering tool set and extension bracket are included. These are mounted on the cutter to mill pipes with a diameter of 150 mm.

An extension cable for the control unit is available as an extra accessory, to enable the operator to stand where he/she prefers. VR goggles can be connected to the display on the control unit to maximize work precision.

We also present a versatile range of special-purpose, milling and cutting heads for all PVC materials, cement, concrete, cast iron and steel.